Friday, October 8, 2010

Penrose CO A Cute small town I like....

So.. I have always always always wanted to raise my kids in the country.. Penrose is N east from Canon City and a very very small rural area. A couple thousand people at most, BUT it is know for is APPLE orchards! They are beautiful EVERYWHERE! They even have an apple festival every fall with a parade and everyone from near and far come to pick apples and have hayrides and enjoy the beautiful autumn weather!
More info:
The stores in the town of Penrose, Colorado all offer a bumper sticker that sells often to the locals. It says, "So what if Penrose isn't on the map? Neither is HEAVEN!" Penrose is a tiny little
town with a history rich

in old west lore. It lies in the Arkansas River Valley of southern Colorado, just south of the Fort Carson Army Base, in Fremont County. The town is estimated to cover approximately 33 square miles, and is home to a little over 3000 people. We don't have a stop light yet, but we did get most of the roads paved in the past ten years. The county has also added some stop signs at intersections that used to rely only on the courtesy and caution of the drivers for right-of-way. Colorado State highway 115 passes through town, and intersects with US highway 50 at the southern end of Penrose. There is no natural water in the area, but residents get water from the use of run-off from the Cripple Creek area, which is held in a reservoir north of town. Because this water supply is fairly good, the area has been known for many years as the "Apple Valley". Apples of every variety seem to thrive in the hot, dry climate and orchards of apples and cherries are found in nearly every block. One of the local staples is apple and cherry cider, and every family seems to have their own secret "recipe".

Penrose is also know for its LARGEST ROCKING CHAIR IN THE WORLD!

Nick is excited about all the local jeeping!


Mike and Wendy said...

it looks beautiful! Who knows, maybe it's in our future! :)

Tina said...

So cute and quaint and serene and beautiful. I like little town fairs and festivals. I'm glad you have a great place to raise your family.

leslie said...

I was googling my home town and came across your blog. Did you move to Penrose? I grew up there and I miss it! I just went to visit this weekend, roaming my old stomping grounds and visiting with my generations of family that live there. Not many people see the beauty of the area anymore your description made me proud to call it home.