Sunday, October 16, 2011


As you can imagine I finally had my baby.. (skip this post if you dont want to read a long baby story=)

He was due monday 10/10 and i had a doctors appointment that day.. The doctor asked me me how about we have this baby tomorrow at 8am-an inducement.. I was ecstatic but so nervous. I have never been induce and i really never wanted to be. All my babies have been born after their due dates.. but i wanted to be able to call my mom and have her drive down here ahead of time.. planned out and no worry instead of calling a neighbor in the middle of the night and waking them up. (which i had people who were willing i just didn't want to bother them. they all have kids and families of there own to take care of) anyway, to make a long story short. my mom drove down that day and i cleaned and organized like a mad women all day.

That night ~1am i went into labor! I timed contractions for an hour and called the doctor.. (poor nicholas had been up watching a movie until midnight and had barely gone to bed when it was time to go! lol! ) The contractions came fast and hard 4min apart and we had an almost 40min drive to pueblo where i was delivering. I told nick if he made me miss my epidural (as he was sluggish getting out the door and in the car) i would NEVER forgive him.. He made it the hospital in 20 min..
So.,.. of course i get there and the contractions pretty much stop. Very mild and infrequent. they admit me anyway because i am the ONLY one there in the maternity ward and i am due to come in in just a few hours anyway. So we try and sleep and i get my epidural. yeah i was NOT going to miss that. i dont even think i needed it but i was GOING to have in NO MATTER WHAT.
The doc came in to see me early morning and said he had a surgery to get to and he would call when he was half way done for the nurse to start some pitocin to get me going more. well we waited and waited for the phone call and in that time my body decided to just go ahead and get started on its own. So then they were worried about doc even making it.. But He came just in time and 3 pushes later i had a beautiful baby boy! (did i mention he was kicking my guts the whole way out! the nurse said in her 12yrs as a delivery nurse she had never seen a baby do that!)

BRENNON LOYAL BLAIR 8lbs 10oz 21.5 inches long Now i know why he was such a kicker! he has the biggest feet i have ever seen in a baby!

So thats my story.. I actually went in to shock after he was born because of low blood pressure i had to wear a fall risk bracelet for all the nurses (i faint easy) But i spiked a fever and my body shook for three hours after he was born. I couldn't even nurse him or hold him i was shaking so badly. But soon enough the fever went down and i could enjoy him and rest!

I am so grateful everything happens for a reason.. I am so glad my mom was there and that baby is safe and healthy. I am home now brennon is 5 days old and getting into a feeding schedule. Tessa and Dallin love him and Nick and my mom are constantly at battle who get to hold him! lol!



Dawn said...

Oh he is so cute. What a birthing story. One to remember for sure. Cant wait to see your family the next time you come to town.

Kendall, Starla, Conner, Aleck, and Jared said...

Congratulations! He is so cute! You look great in your pictures, like you didn't even have a baby!

Shantel said...

Congrats!!! He is SO CUTE!!! And I love his name!! I'm glad you're doing well. And you look great!!!

Bren + Lucy said...

This is such an inspirational story to share...

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